Materials & Care Instructions

All our products are made by hand in local workshops of artisans in Morocco.
a Modern Medina selects their products personally or has them custom made, and discuss the prices in advance.
Because of this we are sure that we only offer genuine, fairtrade products.
Pompom Blankets
100% Cotton: We advise to steam the blankets to preserve their beauty. If that is not possible, wash the blanket in the washing machine on the lowest (coldest) program. To keep te tassels beautiful please put the blanket within a duvet cover before putting it in the machine.
100% Wool: Dry clean only!
Kilim pillows and Kilim rugs
Our kilim pillows and rugs are all made of 100% unprocessed wool.
The colors are in most cases applied by natural / vegetable dyes, but as time progresses synthetic dyes are more and more used due to the fact that this brings more options for colors.
Wool contains excellent soil repelling qualities due to his natural oils.
You can refresh the cushions by airing them on a day with high humidity or leave it "steaming" in the bathroom.
Frequent vacuuming should be enough to keep the pillow cases clean.
In case of liquid on the material, always try to clean the stain gently, patting with an absorbent cloth.
Our cushion covers are all provided with a zipper for easy stuffing and cleaning.
Washing instructions:
Carefully wash by hand in warm soapy water with a small amount of wool detergent. Never soak and always rinse well with lukewarm water.
Gently squeeze out the water but do not wring. Lay the cover flat on a drying rack to dry.
Don’t use any clips and do not let it dry in the sun. If necessary, pull (very carefully) into shape.
You may want to clean the pillow more thoroughly. For this matter, a Modern Medina recommends to turn to a professional.
Improper cleaning of carpets and cushions might lead to distorted or reduced quality.
For our cotton pillow cases; wash at 30 degrees, preferably by hand.
Beni Ouarain and Boucherouite Rugs
All our Beni Ouarain rugs are made from 100% unprocessed wool..
The rugs are knotted instead of woven and are not processed with any chemicals whatsoever.
Because of this, authentic Beni Ouarain rugs always have an "off white" color and will never be white.
All rugs on our website are professionally cleaned before listed online.
Wool contains excellent soil repelling qualities due to his natural oils. Therefor it is not necessary to wash the rug too often..
It’s best to let the rug ‘air’ outside on a day with high humidity / foggy weather. If this is not enough then you will find instructions below.
You should vacuum the rug regularly.
Make sure you do not use a vacuum cleaner with a soft or rotating brush. Just use the suction of the vacuum cleaner.
Keep this in mind at all times during vacuuming, and try to patiently, slowly and carefully treat the rug. This will prevent damage to the fibers.
If you accidentally spill liquid on the carpet, try to react as soon as possible. The carpet contains natural oils so the liquid will remain lying on top of the carpet at first.
Remember: Always blot, never rub!
You can put some soda on the stain so it absorbs the liquid. After you leave it soak for about fifteen minutes, you can vacuum it.
Are the stains a bit older? Use cold water or a mixture of cold water and vinegar to gently dab the stain.
Always be careful with water on the carpet. Excessive use of water is retained by the carpet, and may possibly cause mold.
After it dries, it is possible that there’s still an oily stain or edge. In that case, repeat the previous steps.
NOTE: Cleaning a carpet must be done carefully. For stubborn stains we recommend you to contact a professional cleaning company.
Wedding blankets / Handira’s
Wedding blankets are woven from 100% unprocessed wool.
We recommend to only clean a wedding blanket locally, for example, if the blanket has a stain or spot.
Use the same instructions as our rugs.
Our advice is to never wash the wedding blanket because of the sensitivity of the sequins.
Steaming is possible.
Our lamps are made out of (silver-plated) copper.
They are not suitable for outside spaces. If you would like to add a Moroccan touch to your outdoor spaces please check our lanterns.
Dusting is really all you need to do. Don’t clean them with a damp cloth, just a dry one will do the job.
For the beautiful reflections on the wall, use a (dimmable) halogen lamp.
NOTE: The copper can be quite hot when the lamp is burning.
Our poufs are made out of (dyed) goatskin.
To clean the leather, always use products specially for leather. Never use aggressive products!
The poufs are delivered unstuffed. To stuff them, we recommend foam padding. Fill the pouf as much as possible for the best results.
In order to preserve the high quality , we advise against heavy use. The poufs are usually used purely for decoration.
NOTE: If u still want to use the pouf to sit on, please be careful with jeans. Jeans can cause stains on the leather and is very difficult to remove. 
Our sinks are made out of 100 % ceramic (baked clay).
For daily maintenance, we recommend using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
It is very important that you do not use an abrasive sponge or cloth, as these may cause damage to the surface. Scratches, stains or dull areas may arise through the use of aggressive cleaning agents.
Our basins contain a glaze, what makes remain their beauty for a long time and makes them easier to clean.


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