About Us

a Modern Medina stands for (perfect) imperfection, quality, purity and authenticity.
We have an eye for detail, and are inspired by the colors, patterns and shapes of the beautiful Morocco.
With a background as a (fashion) stylist, owner Senna was developing a growing love for interior design.
Along with this love for interior, she felt more and more connected to her Moroccan roots and finally decided that she wanted to do something with this feeling.
She decided she wants to share the indescribable feeling you get when you're in Morocco and you’re surrounded with all the beauties this country has to offer.
And so arose: a Modern Medina
Inspired by the old medina’s in Morocco, but now given a new, modern look and feel.
The scents of the colorful 'souks', the glare of the hand-crafted copper and the patterns on the beautiful pottery.
That’s Morocco to us.
With an eye for detail and beauty, this perfectionist combines the high western
standards and finish with the authentic, pure and enchanting products
from all parts of Morocco.


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