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Formerly part of a traditional Berber tradition, but now an eyecatcher in the bedroom of every interior and vintage lover!
The handira, or also known as a 'wedding blanket’, according to Berber tradition, was entirely handmade by the bride's relatives. Wire to wire the handira spun into a whole and the hundreds of sequins were put on one by one by hand.
All of this, so the bride's 'blanket' could be wrapped around her body on her wedding day, on her way to her husbands house. Because of the countless sequins the whole village heard the bride arrive to the village.
The handira was a symbol for fertility, happiness, and serves to protect against evil.
Today, a must-have that should not be missing in your home. A stylish vintage piece of Morocco.
Use it on your bed as a bedspread or on your couch for decoration, use it as a carpet or hang it on the wall. Either way it is a real eyecatcher in your interior!
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