5 ways to style; Boucherouite Rugs

Even though Boucherouite rugs (also known as ‘rag rugs’) are often referred to as a hot trend for quite a while now, we consider them to be timeless.
These on-of-a-kind (vintage) rugs are made by Berber women in Morocco, using recycled pieces of fabric to create their own ‘masterpiece’
Boucherouite rugs are much loved by many different design styles. Used in scandinavian styles as a centre piece, or as part of the setting for a vibrant, sometimes even bohemian space.
The possibilities with these ‘pieces of Morocco’ are endless.
 Don’t be scared of their bold colors and playful designs and let us show you 5 ways to style a Moroccan Boucherouite rug.

1. Kidsroom

Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite in the playroom    
Source: Pinterest
It pretty much goes without explaining why Boucherouite rugs are perfect for the rooms of our ‘mini-me’.
Either in their bedroom or in the playroom: Their playful designs and bold colors not only make us excited, but our kids too! Use soft colors and minimal designs for the nursery, or choose your colors wisely to create that ultimate ‘girly’ or ‘boy-ish’ vibe with pinks and blues.
Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite in girls room       Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite in boys room or nursery
Source: Pinterest
Choose a piece with lots of colors and a playful design to add to the playroom so they have a comfortable and cozy space to sit and play with their toys.
No reason for your little prince or princess to not want to sleep in their own bed anymore! These playful rugs will put a smile on their faces every night when they go to sleep, and every morning when they wake up!


2. Go BOHO Crazy

Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite bohemian interior   
Source: Instagram @theflamingoandthefox
We all want to roll with unicorns and rainbows, right?
To achieve this look you have to live by these two things: patterns and colors. And if you love this style you probably don’t believe in all of that ‘less is more’ nonsense. More is more and the brighter ‘n bolder the better!
Combine bold colors and patterns with different textures and slowly watch your inner gypsy come to life. Add rattan furniture and natural wooden details and you will never have to leave your home to feel like you are in ibiza (or should we say Marrakech?)
Obviously you need a bright boucherouite rug for this style. Add a floor pillow you say? Well, why not! What about a bold pink pompom blanket? Hell yeah! And while we’re at it, let’s add some pattern with boujaad pillows and handmade ceramics. Don’t forget to mix in some natural materials and colors to create balance, yes, balance we say, every room needs a little bit of it. And again; Plants are your best friend!


     3. Ethnic-Bohemian; Wanderlust for the Win

    Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite ethnic bohemian style
    Source: Pinterest
    Loving that natural boho vibe but is number 2 a little too much for you? We got you! If you’re a lover of all things natural and authentic, this ethnic-bohemian style is for you. This interior design style showcases your love for peace and tranquility and expresses your desire to travel (#wanderlust).
    Make sure to bring back an interior piece from every country you’ve ever visited; Bali, Africa, Ibiza and of course; Morocco!
    If you’ve ever been to Morocco, chances are that you’ve stayed in an authentic Riad. If you havent been yet, make sure to write it down on your bucket list!
    We could go on and on about the interiors of these gorgeous riads, maybe we will even write an article about it, but for now you need to know two things: Natural and neutral. Imperfection is perfection with this style.
    Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite in the playroom ethnic bohemian style
    Source: Pinterest @elramlahamra
    Keep those things in mind while styling your home and you’ll create this look step by step. Wooden floors, concrete (or even tadelakt) walls and natural tiles. All perfect as a base to combine with natural furniture and accessories. Such as old wooden benches, rattan stools, handwoven basketry and last but not least a boucherouite rug with more neutral or pastel colors. 


    4. True pieces of art; Boucherouite on the wall

    Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite on the wall as art
    Source: Pinterest

    We always refer to our berber rugs as ‘pieces of art’ and really that’s what they are.
    Our Boucherouite rugs are one-of-a-kind masterpieces made in the 70s and early 80s by Berber women in Morocco.
    The rugs are made out of countless scraps of old clothes, recycled wool and cotton and were made into a personal piece that expressed the creativity and fantasy of these women.
    Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite wall art 
    Source: Pinterest

    Here is what VOGUE said about them: “Boucherouite is a category of rug that encompasses any non-traditional weave whose material is mainly recycled thread and fabrics. But don’t let the weave fool you. These rugs can range from low to high based only on pattern and color combination, very much like any work of abstract expressionism. There are some boucherouite out there that are just stunning masterpieces of modern art.”

    Well, there you have it. It’s art and we hang art on the walls, right?


    5. Style it like an influencer!

    Moroccan Berber Rug / Boucherouite influencer Anna Nooshin
    Source: Instagram @annanooshin

    Ok, to be fair, someone probably styled this room for Anna. But let’s be honest, it looks absolutely amazing!
    Everything the dutch influencer Anna Nooshin touches turns into gold and pretty much all of the Netherlands can’t get enough of her style. She is a true fashion icon and with her edgy streetstyle she inspires people from all over the world.
    This image proves that she not only has style when in comes to fashion or beauty, but this lifestyle guru knows how to style interior as well.
    So to achieve this look you have to pick one bold statement piece, in this case a colorful boucherouite rug.
    Next, work with one of the colors in the rug and add some accessories in that same color. Soft pink in this case. Want that same luxury, girly look as Anna? Choose ‘velvet look’ furniture or accesories and style with either silver or messing to finish the look. Oh and very important; always, always add some green into the room by styling with plants.

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